Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit

Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit

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Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit, is the most advanced, unique and multi-functional, true water purifier in the World. With Pure2Go there is no waiting time or preparation required. As contaminated water passes through, it is purified INSTANTLY without the holding time and procedures other true water purifiers require.

Designed for individual use or multi-users without cross contamination. Can be used directly from source water or with Pure2Go attachments. The Pure2Go Water Purifier Cartridges purify up to 300 US Gallons [1135 Litres] of contaminated water before replacement.


  • Pure2Go Water Purifier

    Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit, Kills Virus and Bacteria, not just a filter

    • True Microbiological Water Purifier
    • Kills Waterborne Bacteria and Viruses and removes Crypto and Giardia on contact and on demand
    • Kills 99.9999% Bacteria, Kills 99,997% Viruses, Removes 99.997% Protozoa, Significantly Reduces Radioactive Contamiants
    • Pure2Go exceeds NSF/ANSI P231 and 53 standards for a water purifier
    • Removable, replaceable and cleanable purification insert cartridges
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit Specifications

    Dimensions of Pure2Go Purifier: Length 8.8 Inches [22.3 cm]   Diameter 1.25 inches [3.17 cm]

    Weight of Pure2Go Purifier 4.8 oz [136 gram]

    Weight of Kit: 8 oz [226 gram]

    Kit Contents: Pure2Go Water Purifier with replaceable insert cartridges, 27 oz [0.8Litre] collapsible source water bottle, Purifier usage record card and Travel pouch with zipper