Pure2Go Water Purifier "Don't just Filter, Purify"

The most advanced, unique personal water purifier available. KILLS bacteria & viruses on contact & on demand while eliminating cysts.

About Pure2Go

There are dozens of personal water filters and filter bottles on the market that clean water by "trapping" bacteria and cysts. Many of them are slow, awkward to use and complicated. Unfortunately, bacteria trapped in a moist and sometimes warm environment of a water filter will continue to live and multiply creating its own water problem. But by far, the greatest limitation of water filters is that they do not eliminate or even trap waterborne VIRUSES that are really the biggest concern of all in drinking water.

Meet Pure2Go

Pure2Go Water Purifier

Meet Pure2Go, the most advanced, unique and multi-functional, true water purifier in the world. Pure2Go "kills"  waterborne bacteria and viruses instantly, ON CONTACT and ON DEMAND while also completely eliminating waterborne cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. With Pure2Go, there is no waiting time or preparation required. As contaminated water passes through, it is purified INSTANTLY without the holding time and procedures other true water purifiers require. 

Adaptive, Functional, Flexible

Pure2Go can be used by one person or multiple users. With its cleanable and replaceable insert cartridges, Pure2Go will be used over and over again for many years or stored conveniently for potential emergencies and disasters.

Replaceable Cartridges Provide 300 US Gallons [1135 Litres] of Pure Water

How did we come up with this design?

A Half Century of Water Purification Experience

Over nearly a half of century, Water One, Inc. and its affiliate companies Water One of SW Florida and CALCO, Ltd. have provided ultra pure water to science and industry, and premium bottled drinking water to customers throughout the world. An industry innovator in many respects, we developed a proprietary water purification media, ViroBac, that in over twenty eight years of independent testing has been proven to kill waterborne bacteria and viruses on contact and on demand. Utilizing ViroBac ,Water One, Inc., was the first company in the world to produce a US EPA registered water purifier, allowing us to sell our first and second generation drinking straw style purifiers to US and international customers, including all branches of the US Military.

Only Pure2Go Water Purifier Has ViroBac

Since that time, the need and requirements for personal water filters and purifiers has changed dramatically, driven by the growth of outdoor activities, adventure travel and emerging nations, as well as the needs of military, missionaries humanitarian services and disasters. Inspired by a meeting with the US Marine Corp., Water One of Southwest Florida was determined to meet their new requirements, marrying our water perfection experience with form and functionality and setting a new standard for hydrating on the go. After almost two years of research and development Pure2Go was created.. 

Independent laboratory testing using ANSI/NSF and US EPA Protocol has already established that the Pure2Go Water Purifier with ViroBac:

  • "Kills" 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria

  • "Kills" 99.997% of waterborne viruses

  • Eliminates cysts such as Giardia & Crypto

  • Significantly reduces radioactive contaminants in water

Why is P2G Different, How Does It Work?

Pure2Go’s proprietary design uses two cleanable and replaceable insert cartridges to provide three tiers of filtration and purification. With a flow rate of up to 16 ounces [0.5 Litres] of water per minute, that’s over 7 US Gallons per hour of dirty water (non-saltwater) passes through an ultra filtration membrane cartridge and then flows into the ViroBac and carbon cartridge. Filtering makes the water clean and ViroBac purification ensures the water is completely safe to drink with no danger from any pathogens, Including Viruses. providing CLEAN, SAFE, GOOD TASTING WATER.

Pure2Go Water Purifier With 2 Litre Source Water Gravity Feed Bag

Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit

Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit.

The Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit combines performance, portability and convenience in a compact, durable travel pouch that takes up minimal space in a suitcase or backpack. The 27 ounce [0.8 L] collapsible source water bottle screws directly into the bottom of the Pure2Go Water Purifier providing safe, clean purified water for one or more people without any concern about cross contamination. Whether filling up from a hotel water tap in Central America, a contaminated lake or stream in India, or even a mud puddle in Haiti, the Pure2Go Water Purifier Travel Kit ensures you will have safe, purified water anywhere you journey or adventure.

Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit

Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit

The Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit with its adaptable accessories is the most high performance, personal water purification system in the world. Like the Pure2Go Travel Kit the Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit includes a collapsible water bottle that can be used 3 different ways. The Go-Kit also contains a 2 Litre, gravity feed, source water bag that will provide up to 16 ounces [0.5 Litres] of water in one minute to supply the drinking and cooking needs for a family or group. The Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit’s pump can supply source water directly through the Pure2Go Water Purifier, or to fill the collapsible bottle or 2 Litre bag. The pump can also be used to rinse the Pure2Go Water Purifier with clean water before storing it. When used as an air pump it will pump up small tyres, soccer balls and other inflatables such as pillows or air mattresses.

Use With Hydration Backpacks

Pure2Go Water Purifier Adapts To Hydration Backpacks

Another design feature of Pure2Go Water Purifier allows the purifier to be used in-line with hydration backpacks so that any water (non-saltwater) they are filled with can become purified water. The Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit comes with 1/4" X 1/4" [6.35mm x 6.35mm] nylon hose connector allowing you to use your hydration backpack with or without Pure2Go Water Purifier.

Safe Water Immediately 

Whether its the Pure2G Water Purifier Travel Kit or our multi functional Pure2Go Water Purifier Go-Kit, Pure2Go Water Purifier is the only personal water purifier you will ever need. Killing bacteria and viruses on contact and on demand while eliminating waterborne cysts, Pure2Go Water Purifier ensures that you and the people you are with can always drink purified water anywhere you are, anywhere you go and in any emergency from any non-salt water source.

Don't Travel Without Your Pure2Go Water Purifier

Sustainable Travel

Your carbon footprint just got a little bit softer. With your Pure2Go Water Purifier, anywhere you go, no bottled water is ever required. 

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships - All Good

Remote Locations