Pure2Go FAQ


How is the Pure2Go Water Purifier different than a personal water filters or filter bottle?

Unlike other personal water purifiers on the market are often slow, awkward to use, and sometimes complicated, with Pure2Go, there is no waiting time or preparation required. As contaminated water passes through Pure2Go it is purified instantly without the holding time or procedures that other true water purifiers require. Additionally, Pure2Go has cleanable, replaceable, and “affordable” insert cartridges that provide up to 300 gallons (1135 liters) with each set of cartridges. The majority of both water purifiers and water filters can only be used one way. Pure2Go is very versatile and multi-functional. The Pure2Go Travel Kit can be used three different ways. The Pure2Go Go-Kit can be used six different ways. Both versions work for one user or multiple users without concern about cross contamination.


How does it work?

Pure2Go’s proprietary design uses two cleanable and replaceable insert cartridges to provide three tiers of filtration and purification. With a flow rate of up to 16 ounces of water per minute, (that’s over 7 gallons per hour) dirty water (non- saltwater) passes through an ultra filtration membrane cartridge and then flows into the ViroBac and carbon cartridge. Filtering makes the water clean and ViroBac purification ensures the water is completely safe to drink with no danger from any pathogens, Including viruses.


What testing substantiates your claims for ViroBac ?

ViroBac has been tested for effectiveness in removing bacteria and viruses from contaminated water for over 28 years, using EPA protocol, by prestigious institutions such as The University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University of Chicago (Foster G McGaw Hospital), Brigham Young University, and The US Air Force just to name a few. As a result, an earlier personal water purifier developed by Water One was the first purifier to receive EPA approval.

A summary of all testing is available at pure2gopurifier.com.


What testing substantiates your claims for Pure2Go ?

Independent testing performed by an ISO/IEC certified laboratory using ANSI/NSF and US EPA Protocol has already established that the Pure2Go Water Purifier with ViroBac meets and/or exceeds ANSI/NSF 53 and P231 standards for a microbiological water purifier.
Kills waterborne viruses: >99.997% Kills waterborne bacteria: >99.9999% Eliminates cysts: >99.997%

Test results can be viewed at pure2gopurifier.com

How can replacement cartridges be ordered ?

Water One of SW Florida will maintain an inventory of the insert cartridge sets that can be ordered directly from Water One. In the UK and Europe you can order online via this websites shop or by emailing customer.service@pure2gouk.co.uk

What are the best applications for Pure2Go ?

Pure2Go water purifiers are perfect for first response to emergencies and disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis both in developed countries and emerging regions. Pure2Go purifiers provide immediate access to water from almost any non-saltwater source prior to other levels of response being activated. Pure2Go is also perfect for: Domestic & international travelers, hotels/resorts/cruise ships, remote locations, mission trips, military deployment, bug- out bags, emergency kits, backpackers, campers, hunters and fisherman.