New Independent Review of the Pure2Go Water Purifier by Mountains for Everybody

A detailed independent review of the Pure2Go Water Purifier have been made by Belgium based Jovo Vranjes founder of Mountains for Everyone, a respected blog about mountains and essential equipment needed when you go there. The detailed product review can be found here:

In Summary Jovo Vranjes say's

"I would conclude this Pure2Go Water Purifier review with a very strong statement: I am convinced that at the moment of writing this text, there is no better and more reliable personal portable water purification system on the market.

If you have a look in my page about water filters and purifiers, you will realize that all those worth reviewing are presented there. There are many great tools available, but this P2Go system is completely unique.

So do I recommend it? Well, you have seen the text above; the answer is yes, definitely so, more than any other tool on the market. I am happy to be in the situation to have this tool".

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