Only Pure2Go has ViroBac

Only the Pure2GoTM Water Purifier contains ViroBacTM, Water One’s proprietary purification media. ViroBacTM kills waterborne bacteria and viruses instantly on contact and on demand. The proprietary compound is ionically bonded to a carrier media and works on demand, only if microorganisms are present allowing for extended use up to three years. Tested extensively for over twenty eight years by independent laboratories such as Loyola University Medical School using EPA and ANSI/NSF testing protocol, ViroBacTM has been proven to kill waterborne bacteria and viruses under both continuous and repeat conditions. As a result, Water One purifiers have been used by all branches of the US Military since 1998.

The Pure2Go Water Purifier with ViroBacTM meets and/or exceeds ANSI/NSF 53 and P231 water purifier standards for microbial removal; 6 log10 or greater (>99.9999%) for bacteria and 4 log10 or greater (>99.99%) for viruses