Your Pure2Go Water Purifier is warranted for two (2) years from the date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship when used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Please keep your proof of purchase.

Each Pure2Go Water Purifier and set of Purifier Cartridges are inspected before sale, however should there be any defects, please contact Pure2GoUK on warranty@pure2gouk.co.uk 

This warranty does not cover; 

  • Improper use,

  • Damage caused by user,

  • Premature clogging from highly turbid water,

  • Damage related to use with salt water or other liquids,

  • Normal wear and tear

  • Maintenance or replacement of used insert cartridges


DO NOT USE PURE2GO WITH SALT WATER. Use only with both certified Pure2Go insert cartridges WOUF-300 and WOVBC-300 in place. The upper cartridge WOVBC-300 contains iodinated resin and granulated active carbon. Persons with iodine allergies or thyroid problems and pregnant women should consult their Doctor before using this device as minute amounts of iodine (<1ppm) may remain in the purified water. Supervision required for children use.


Hazards are associated with use of water purifiers. Drinking untreated water may expose you to harmful microorganisms and increase your risk of gastrointestinal illness. Improper use of this purifier increases your risk of exposure to harmful microorganisms and increases your risk of gastrointestinal illness. Reduce your chances of becoming sick by following the precautionary statements and instructions in the User Manual. Never use the Pure2Go Water Purifier with salt water or chemically contaminated water, such as from mine tailing ponds or agricultural collection ponds. Never use Pure2Go with any other brand of insert cartridges.  Use only with WOUF-300 and WOVBC-300 sold by Pure2GoUK [www.pure2gouk.co.uk].